With a high Merchant Navy Salary, one gets different perks of being employed in their working. They are capable of earning between Rs 75000 to Rs 1.25 lakhs per month. Since in navy you are working for the government, the leaves and months of working are totally dependent on the government policies. The utmost reason that drags them towards this way is money and also, chance to visit all around the globe. Our community is ready to answer. #marinersgalaxy, A post shared by marinersgalaxy.com (@mariners_galaxy) on May 2, 2020 at 9:10am PDT. This was all from this article on Which One Should I Join-Navy or. In Merchant Navy, the salary can range from anywhere between Rs.12000 to Rs.8 lakhs per month, and in order to grab the highest salary package you need to work hard for … It can range anywhere between Rs.15000 to Rs.9 lakhs per month though the pay structure differ from company to company, city to city, the export-import needs, seniority etc. A standard size merchant vessel at max will have around 25 people working, including officers. Well the answer to the question is quite obvious, but then we thought of covering this topic in details so that we can cover all the queries of the people. For much of its history, the merchant navy was the largest merchant fleet in the world, but with the decline of the British Empire in the mid-20th century it slipped down the rankings. Working on various ships qe2 and other cunard ships also p&o and union castle line could be working away for 3 months at a time,then coming home for leave. Contract wise - some company offers 6 months contract and some even 4–5 months. If you will join Merchant Navy as a fresher then you have to follow the Merchant Navy payroll only.. The epaulettes and strips on it are the main feature that distinguishes different rank officers from higher to lower order so that it is easy to understand their rank and position in a ship. This can be attributed to the fact that they are here for the national job and they are there for the commercial process. Apart from highly-paid salaries, people working in the merchant navy are also enticed as they are entitled to immense perks and benefits. and others are there to support the world trade, which is also important. Navy is out there for the service of the nation and protect the country from the eminent threat through waters. This is a preventive step avoiding crankcase explosion taking place. Navy have various points of operation on land, which controls and coordinate ships. At sea you are not woman or man, you are sailor. Merchant Navy Uniform One way to understand the rank of officers in Merchant Navy is their uniform because it plays a very significant role in maintaining the sense of pride to the officers. What is the most stressful part about working at MERCHANT NAVY? And if you don’ want to-don’t sail. The choice is yours. It was never a dull moment onboard as something funny was always happening but at the same time the tasks were taken seriously. There are many student who dreams for the six digit salary and a job which brings lot of responsibilities. In 1939, the merchant navy was the largest in the world with 33% of total tonnage. Salaries on cruise ships like Engineer salary on cruise, deck officer salary on cruise, ratings salary on cruise have been thoroughly discussed here. Merchant Navy salaries, as we have seen, are among the best for any profession in India. What would you suggest MERCHANT NAVY management do to prevent others from leaving? TweetShare116SharePin1117 Shares Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade. Excellent working experience, travelling, enjoyable, best design I have ever made ,lots of different of ships, and travelling to different counties, and seeing different cultures. Required fields are marked *. Consequently, you will be required to work evenings and weekends on a regular basis. all MERCHANT NAVY reviews in United Kingdom. Interested in listening from you. Still, compared to other professions, the merchant navy does pay decently! Pay and perks are not as good as it used to be. Is Indeed your favorite place to learn about companies? If you were in charge, what would you do to make MERCHANT NAVY a better place to work? The Merchant Navy is the job which brings everything . If you want to sail-sail. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Merchant navy is a fleet of ships that is responsible for transporting heavy goods from one country to another. In merchant navy it depends on the contract that you have signed. How often do pay and performance reviews occur at MERCHANT NAVY? What Does .5% Sulphur Marine Fuel Means This means that by 2020 every ship has to burn […], Article about cruise ship salary. Note: Working in Navy does not necessarily means that you have to be on ship. There is a hierarchy of Officers U join as a 4th Engineer or Technical officer where u r paid around 3500usd to 4000usd. MEO Class 4B e-Pariksha Questions MEK - Part 5, Difference Between Merchant Navy and Navy- Thoroughly Explained. These excursions can be of 3 months, a half year or 8 months relying on the area and agreement and this is the time the mariner needs to spend on the job. Based on the government pay scale salary will be revised after one year. Ask a question about working or interviewing at MERCHANT NAVY. Lots of people and young folks ask us as what is the difference between the merchant navy and navy. Free food and drinks in the voyage Along with the courses given above, there are some prominent merchant navy courses that an applicant can go … These workers work under various ranked officers. It depends on the excursion your boat will finish and the time they arrive at their goal. 7 Days a week when away at sea, SAILING FROM SOUTHAMPTON OR FLY OUT TO SHIP. In merchant navy it depends on the contract that you have signed. Merchant Navy is one of the few careers where the salary hardly matters. In fact, Merchant Navy salaries are far higher than those earned by airline crew, despite glamour attached to flying. Even in the times of flights, cruise ship industry is also doing well and with every passing year, the number of […], Oil Mist Detector is equipment which monitors the environment inside a crankcase space of an internal combustion engine and thus tells the engineer, in case of formation of any type of explosive vapors occurring in the crankcase of engine. One of the other benefits is that Merchant Navy employees are exempted from paying taxes as they spend more than 6 months in the sea. And find out where a job at sea could take you. However, working with Merchant Navy is not easy. Merchant seamen crewed the ships of the British Merchant Navy which kept the United Kingdom supplied with raw materials, arms, ammunition, fuel, food and all of the necessities of a nation at war throughout World War II — literally enabling the country to defend itself. Merchant Navy Salary in India Per Month after 10th 12th: Guys, we are here discussing about the salary of a person who is serving in Merchant Navy. Merchant navy jobs are high paying. Course Curriculum’s. Navy ships only comply with the rules of the country which they belong to. Navy operations are only limited to the areas where their national waters are. As per the contract of an applicant working in the merchant navy is required to work continuously on board a Merchant Navy vessel for 6 to 8 months in a year after which he is relived of duties for 4 months. In a recent move, international maritime organization has put .5% sulphur in the marine fuel oil cap. Biggest advantage of working in Merchant Navy is that you earn tax free salary. And now, if you want to visit world, earn some more bucks…..then merchant navy is the right place for you. Merchant Navy, also called as commercial navy has always been a reason of fascination among people. Want to take pride in serving the nation-then navy is the place for you. Merchant Navy can be the best field for those candidates who want to earn big and travelling through oceans for months does not bother you. On the other hand, merchant navy is purely global and they will move on to the other places very frequently as trade demands. However, in order to compensate, many companies provide a generous holiday allowance for their employees. But there are similarities as well. A merchant navy officer caught with indecent images of babies and children was told he needs to "realise you have paedophile tendencies" as a judge rejected his excuse for having them. This claim can be made either 12 months from the start of your seafaring employment or the start of the tax year previous to the year of claim – whichever is the later. Take a look at the opportunities and pathways to careers in the Merchant Navy. Well surely ships made for the goods and trades are fully tailored to meet the demands. Well I am not a writer, just writes what can help people-that's it. It will not be wise to match these two on the basis of salary. On average, A captain of the ship can take around 6 to 10 lakhs per month. Navy will have extra people for the arms and ammunition. If you want to sail-sail. In Merchant Navy you have to do work for 4 moths to 9 months continuously without any break on ship. Because, with a career at sea, time off is measured in weeks and months — not days. How has MERCHANT NAVY responded to the COVID-19 outbreak? QUE: - Tell me about your family. You don't have to pay income tax in India. There are many personals working on land as well. job or a private sector ? There is a huge difference in the man power. This is because you need lot of man power for the daily operations at sea which includes arms, food etc. Some of them are mentioned below: When you become a 3rd Engineer, u get a pay of around 4000usd to 6000usd. per month. Merchant Navy is well known for its overwhelming salary right from 20th Century after which came into the limelight. one should have motivation to work in merchant navy, Also you should be physically fit to work in Merchant Navy. Merchant navy jobs primarily include working on a variety of ships as officers, engineers, or ratings. When you stay more than 6 months outside India, you get NRI status and your salary is tax free. On an aircraft carrier, people will be more. Your email address will not be published. Merchant Navy is good but we have to be always on toe working, especially Upkeep – Painting, cleaning and polishing of ship brightwork, the collection and disposal of garbage, maintenance and repair of various types of equipment’s. Working and being an employee of the Merchant Navy is a matter of pride for any candidate, but this life is known only after facing obstacles. ANS:- start with your name, father name, mother name, their occupation, achievements of parents. 7 Days a week when away at sea Employed by the british shipping federation As a steward. Merchant navy being global in nature has to comply with all the rules and regulations like SOLAS. Hi there! per month; The captains have many complex tasks, such as being assured of the safety on the ship, shipping, managing the crew and the ship and proper navigation. By 2020, all vessels have to comply with the above standard. Merchant Navy Officer Ranks In general, the Merchant Navy Officer Ranks are mainly divided into the following categories: […] If it is an. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. Merchant Navy officers usually work away from home for months on end. This was the best job I ever had, I was sailing all over the world and getting well paid to do it. On the navy side, you have around 500 people or may more than this working on a ship. Merchant navy is a fleet of ships that is responsible for transporting heavy goods from one country to another. Job on cruise ships is adventures, demanding and better paid. Their order on the ship is final. was great and visiting other countries all exciting. After completion of contract person can sign off and enjoy his holidays then go back on ship again. They are under the direct supervision of the nation’s government. Shift work is the norm. Salaries for various ranks on bulk carriers / container ships are as given below. The British Merchant Navy comprises the British merchant ships that transport cargo and people during times of peace and war. * Merchant Navy New Selection are ... Salary: 200 $ to 300 $ Per Month. Read Also: How to Join Merchant Navy After 12th. In the merchant navy, your working period doesn’t care for typical private or government employment. Here is the step by step procedure, to be followed in […]. So in the compensation of this long work time you will get equally long vacations of 2-4 months depends on you that when you want to rejoin the ship. Especially young person after passing their school looks towards this profession. TOP MERCHANT NAVY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS IN 2020.THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS WHICH IS GENERALLY ASKED IN MERCHANT NAVY INTERVIEW AND ENTRANCE EXAM. This decision was taken in meeting held in London last week. How is feedback from management delivered at MERCHANT NAVY? The merchant ships employ a huge number of skilled workers to carry and deliver goods from one country to another. Let’s without wasting much of your time and our words, we see what is it? With increase in work experience, salary will definitely increase. Being at sea on big ships, Royal fleet Auxiliary, tankers, cargo ships etc. Some of the significant perks other than the Merchant Navy Salary is mentioned below: Paid Leaves as long as 90 days in every nine months of operation is given. Structural theory for both types of ships will be similar, but the purpose is different. Their main purpose is to guard the water boundaries of the nation. Here are some of the differences we have: Navy and Merchant Navy are two different branches of same field. The minimum salary that you will be offered from 20,000 to 25,000 Rs. Answered May 7, 2018 Talking about complete career - Merchant Navy is a private sector and one can continue sailing till the time he/she is medically fit. Like in both we have navigating and engineering branch. It needs a lot of special skills and grit. Or are the hours set? If you want to serve nation, want to live that life of defense forces, don’t want to be away from family and nation. And if you don’ want to-don’t sail. And find yourself equipped with the confidence to lead a team, take charge and enjoy living life to the full. One is there for nation, for pride etc. So after a hard work of … Merchant Navy is not just a … But then, Navy people will get other benefits that are offered by the nation government. How did you feel about telling people you worked at MERCHANT NAVY? Competition has increased and average salary has gone down a bit. Chief Engineer (Former Employee) - Kingdom of Bahrain - July 30, 2020 We were paid well by this company and also management is fully responsible of the every person working on board with providing all the safety mearures. If you think that we have missed have something, then please feel free to write that in comments. After one … If I want to join merchant navy and if I get admission in IMU college by clearing the entrance test then after the course what is the guarantee of placement and job and after the course the job I get in a ship is a govt. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Merchant Navy is known for giving the best salary to its employees. Your email address will not be published. A Good respect in heart- for web. We are eagerly waiting to listen from you. Privileges for Merchant Navy Personnel. Hope this piece of information was enough to clear the doubts that many people have. This a true fact that the navy people get lesser salary as compared to the merchant navy people. While in some countries like USA, the training is similar and in the end, they ask the, While work on both types are little different. The terms & conditions of a Personal Loan for Merchant Navy officers are different because of the nature of employment. But for special missions and operations they may go to other places as well. Loves to talk about gadget, music, nerdy stuff and witty substance in the talks. Sound good so far? Does MERCHANT NAVY allow for flexible working hours? Perks Of Being in the Merchant Navy. Since in navy you are working for the government, the leaves and months of working are totally dependent on the government policies. Since work in the Merchant Navy involves a lot of international travel, it helps you form better public relations and get the experience to work with professionals from different areas, domestically as well as internationally. How do you feel about the future of MERCHANT NAVY? Working on various ships qe2 and other cunard ships also p&o and union castle line could be working away for 3 months at a time,then coming home for leave. All the newly elected officers in the government company get around 96,000/- per month to 120,000/- per month depending upon the type of ship they are on. Also, usually navy ships don’t use fuel oil to fire their ships, but merchant vessels are totally depended on the fuel oil only. Merchant Navy can be the best field for those candidates who want to earn big and travelling through oceans for months does not bother you. Merchant Navy Salary For Deck Jobs. Learn how your comment data is processed. I do agree that this sector has lost its old glory. For joining both have different paths. 2. ... only six months or nine months working period etc. They are not subjected to rules of international organizations. Latest Salary in merchant navy are mentioned here. IMO Sets 2020 For 0.5 % Sulphur Limit In Marine Fuel [Full Report], Latest Cruise Ship Salary For Officers and Ratings, Oil Mist Detector Alarm: Actions to be taken and what to do or not, Second Mate FG Assessment Document Checklist, Most Bizarre Questions a Sailor Wife Gets in Society, Sailor Story:Best Friends First, Soul Mates Second, Dealing with a medical emergency when your sailor is out at sea, Read: Every Love Story is Beautiful But Ours Is My Favourite, Lifetime Sailing Experience With My Husband: Tells Amrita. Salary For Captain: 5 lakh to 12 lakh Rs.

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