Meaning unknown. Naumkeag is the name of the original people (native american people) of the area that is now called Salem, Massachusetts. The Tarrantines were a Mikmaq tribe of Native Americans inhabiting northern New England, particularly coastal Maine. Wampanoag is probably derived from Wapanoos, first documented on Adriaen Block's 1614 map, which was the earliest European representation of the Wampanoag territory. Wenesquawam and Winniahdin Annisquam most likely came not from Wonasquam but from Wanaskwiwam, first transcribed as Wenesquawam. ★ Tarrantine. This name appears in an ancient document in the archives of the British Library, written by an unknown English explorer sometime between 1600 and 1610. The word is a Lenape term for "Easterners" or literally "People of the Dawn", and based on information provided by the people whom Block encountered in the lower Hudson Valley.. 1692 - The Salem Witch Trials begin. The language is … Merriam-Webster’s third definition of preservation, “to keep or save from decomposition,” is the one that most accurately describes what is unfolding at Naumkeag today, the result of a recent $1 million gift and the scholarship that provided the impetus to undertake a dramatic overhaul.I did not provide the anonymous gift, but I did provide the scholarship. The name Tarrantine is one of the words the Massachusett people used to refer to the Mikmaq people. May 22, 2017 - This is an educational board of ethnographic images. The word "naumkeag" also refers to a circular, pleated, abrasive sanding pad used in scouring operations in the shoe and other industries. The tribe maintained its independence even as it acted as part of the Massachusett Confederacy of tribes.. The document is known as “Ye Names of ye Rivers and ye Sagamores … Continue reading "Wenesquawam and Winniahdin" I plan to eventually sort this board into different categories … 1686 - A Salem selectman purchases land, that today is Salem, Peabody and Danvers, from the heirs of the Naumkeag tribe for 20 pounds. This is the event that Salem is most known for, in only three months’ time 19 innocent people, 14 women and 5 men, were hanged, and one man was pressed to death. The Massachusett language is an Algonquian language of the Algic language family, formerly spoken by several peoples of eastern coastal and southeastern Massachusetts.In its revived form, it is spoken in four communities of Wampanoag people. The language is also known as Natick or Wôpanâak (), and historically as Pokanoket, Indian or Nonantum.. The largest pronunciation dictionary in the world. Meaning of Naumkeag. All the words in all the languages pronounced by native speakers Pocomtuc. Definition of Naumkeag in the dictionary. If you own the copyright on any of these images, let me know in the comments and I will credit you in the caption. The following bands of Pennacook lived in the north eastern part of Massachusetts: Agawam, Nashua, Naumkeag, Pentucket, Wachuset, Wamesit, and Weshacum. What does Naumkeag mean? Information and translations of Naumkeag in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. (See New Hampshire.) The territory of the Naumkeag Indians was primarily Essex County, Massachusetts.The name is said to refer to "fishing place," from namaas (fish) … Through pronunciation and spelling evolution this became Salem. Naumkeag, a native American word meaning Haven of Peace, is just one, commissioned by the prominent New York barrister and diplomat Joseph Choate and his artist wife and completed in … The Naumkeag tribe were a Native American people that inhabited the area now part of northeastern Massachusetts. Please feel free to correct me if the descriptions are inaccurate, and feel free to give me more information about the context of these pictures. In 1632 the capital was moved fifteen miles south to Boston, but Salem continued to flourish as its people drew their livings from the sea, from the fertile inland, and from the timber that enabled them to make an early start as skilled shipbuilders.