Its Just Ian 17,349 views. General Kenobi Rework Incoming?! 85. DBofficial125 21,338 views. Han Solo - Gear 12. Swgoh nightsister zombie. Kisakee. 85. SWGOH.GG is a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Database and Squad Builder for the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes app on iOS and Android. I was honestly expecting so much better with these. Question . [SWGoH] - Duration: 16:54. SWGOH General Kenobi Capital Fleet vs Ackbar Lead and Millenium Falcon. Until then, it was possible to win with a gear XII team against a gear XIII team, it was just a little harder. They truly enjoy them. 4. Then you have to be able to put out enough damage to take the clones out before he gets back up. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. For those who can’t quite get all the materials for R8 Kenobi and faster Negotiator, is having the slower capital ship a huge disadvantage or not that bad? Negotiator. Check out info below on how to contact my personal expert on full roster modding! Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) - Gear 12. From SWGoH Help Wiki. report. Swgoh sales Swgoh sales. Gear Materials Needed Mk 12 ArmaTek Multi-tool: 1 Mk 12 ArmaTek Multi-tool Prototype. I'm going to focus on getting Padme up before moving on to the rest of my arena team. 4. C-3PO - Relic Tier 7. Versatile Attacker who constantly assists while healing and dispelling. Relic 8 General Kenobi. share. AUTO Undersize RELIC Padme Teams with 2-3 Characters! Jedi and Clone allies have +30% Max Health and +70% Defense. Especially with all the buildup. 40 Mk 8 Nubian Security Scanner Salvage. Both teams all relic 7 except Rex, his is relic 3, mine is relic 4. 1st Time. Check out the new player index. General Skywalker Relic … Fast Relic Levels and More | SWGoH - Duration: 21:49. Couldn’t find any recent clones vs GG matches. Once transformed, he gains 100% counter chance and becomes immune to all debuffs. SWGoH: Phase 2 Combat Mission, Middle – General Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano The Geonosian Territory Battles were launched in June 2019 starting with with the Dark Side battles, officially named Geonosis: Separatist Might and then followed by… Thank you sir/mdm. Vigorous Jedi Tank who gains Foresight, dispels debuffs to grant buffs, and calls buffed allies to Assist. SWGoH 101: Sveobuhvatni Mod vodič. À l'avenir, nos revues de reliques s'articuleront autour de guides spécifiques aux personnages pour nous aider à comprendre quels personnages sont les meilleurs dans lesquels investir ces matériaux. Actual quality content on this subreddit. Gear Materials Needed Mk 12 ArmaTek Bayonet: 1 Mk 12 ArmaTek Bayonet Prototype. Its … relic 5 swgoh, Is there somewhere a guy can go to see what each relic is? Took me a couple tries to get the right RNG, but I think that you can beat tier 7 with a heavy investment in Grievous and minimal investment in 4 other Separatist characters. Go. Home; Discussions; Best Of... Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums › General Discussion. General Hux General Kenobi General Skywalker General Veers Geonosian Brood Alpha Geonosian Soldier Geonosian Spy Grand Admiral Thrawn Grand Master Yoda Grand Moff Tarkin Greedo Greef Karga Han Solo Hera Syndulla Hermit Yoda HK-47 Hoth Rebel Scout Hoth Rebel Soldier IG-100 MagnaGuard IG-86 Sentinel Droid IG-88 Ima-Gun Di Imperial Probe Droid Imperial Super Commando Jango Fett Jawa … 1st Time. 85. questions? Mk 12 … New player? General Kenobi - Relic ELITE? There's something on this list in every dosage and for every budget — plus, learn how to find the best CBD for you. Replies . In this series i deconstruct battles with relic tier 7 GG and B1 with Relic tier 5 everyone else to show how to beat them for arena or tw gac. From SWGoH Help Wiki. 2 Mk 7 Chiewab Hypo Syringe. Jump to:navigation, search. Airsoft GI - Airsoft and Tactical Gear …. Not the cleanest by a long shot, but if your JKR squad isn’t relic’ed, that’s probably the best option of winning on the first try, barring GAS. 4. Jedi Knight Anakin - Relic ELITE? SWGOH - Duration: 11:16. August 22, 2019 7:25PM. Offense-Processor-A. Offensive Jedi Capital Ship that uses Valor to bolster ally attacks and increase its Speed. Gl swgoh Gl swgoh. 30 Mk 12 ArmaTek Bayonet Prototype Salvage. October 10, 2019 3:43AM. Sort by. However, trying to take on a relic 7 arena team with a gear XII team was suicidal. Currently, Grievous, Rose, and General Kenobi are R1, with Padme at R2. General Kenobi's Relic Ability (when they release relic abilities): High Ground (unique): If General Kenobi has any buffs he gains a unique buff that cant be copied or dispelled, HIGH GROUND HIGH GROUND: General Kenobi has +100% offense,+30% defense penetration, +50% tenacity Just a thought... 1. SWGoH 101. 5. 1st Time. G12 on every one else would be safe. You can try with less however you will have to retry many times. 597 posts Member. General Health 19753 Protection 30902 Speed 136 Potency 12% Tenacity 35% Critical Damage 150% Defense Penetration 0% Gear 12. Super lame execution, guys. Recommended Player Level: 85 Relic Level: 5 Rewards. [P] October 13th, 2019: General Skywalker is added to the game. Vigorous Jedi Tank who gains Foresight, dispels debuffs to grant buffs, and calls buffed allies to Assist . Mk 12 ArmaTek Medpac: 1 Mk … My Roster of Galactic Republic Heroes: General Kenobi – 29,922 power – 7-stars – Gear 13, Relic 7 – Six, 6-dot mods (2 Health & 1 Defense set) – all abilities maxed, 273 speed, 157k H/P, 72.2% Armor, 63.7% Resistance best. 11:16. Sa Relic pojačivačima koji su sada u igri,… SWGoH, MSF, HPWU & TFEW vijesti, savjeti i strategija. save. Oko; ponude; Star Wars GOH. Same paywall mechanism as Malak: need at least X power to qualify. 228 posts Member. 7 1 a he intersection of 2 familiar with. If you have decent to good mods, you should be okay there after several attempts. For tiers 2 & 4, we recommend at minimum G13 Relic 3 on General Kenobi and B1; possibly also Asajj Ventress. This does not include characters that cannot be targeted. Close. 1st Time. BetterCallMaul. Create Account. ⚫ Need help with your mods in SWGoH? 85. Question. level 1. After a Jedi ally uses a team healing Special ability, all other allies at full health are called to Assist, dealing 50% less damage. 21:49. toons that NEED to be fastest. 85. September 12, 2019 3:25PM. November = … hide. Avis sur SWGoH Character Relic Ici, nous examinons les personnages clés de Galaxy of Heroes que les joueurs peuvent envisager de prendre à des niveaux de reliques plus élevés. This document specifies the current set of DHCP options. There's almost no reason to not get R1 on anyone you have at G13 right now. Thanks in advance! B2 should be your third option. General Kenobi r5 General Skywalker r7 Padmé Amidala r4 CT-7567 “Rex” r6 Sabine Wren r3 Bo-Katan Kryze r4 Maul r5 Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) (tb reworked) r8 Ezra Bridger r4 Ahsoka (Fulcrum)’s T … 40 Mk 7 Chiewab Hypo Syringe Salvage. Power 32199; Speed 147; Health Posted by 9 days ago. 1. SWGOH.GG is a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Database and Squad Builder for the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes app on iOS and Android. Relic 8 General Kenobi. Enjoy from over 30 Lakh Hindi, Eng Jump to:navigation, search. Général Kenobi - Maintenant Gear 13, Relic level 3, 24,322 power; Padme Amidala - Maintenant niveau de relique 3, puissance de 26,863; Shaak Ti - Maintenant Gear 12 + 3, a ajouté le deuxième Zeta, 23,728 puissance; Cette bataille s’est avérée beaucoup plus efficace pour progresser, j’ai retiré MagnaGuards et le B2 avant de mourir, mais ce n’était toujours pas suffisant. -7* 17,700 Ahsoka Tano-7* 17,700 C-3PO-7* 17,700 General Kenobi-7* 17,700 Padme Amidala-7* 17,700 Shaak Ti. For me, I unlocked it with G13 relic 2 (I think) General Grievous with health mods and both zetas, gear 8 Asajj, gear 9 Geo Soldier, Gear 6 Poggle, and Gear 5 Sun Fac. Mk 1 Amplifier. So what are the Relics? Check out General Kenobi stat ratings for every Star Level on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! Prev 1 2 3 Next. 30 Mk 12 ArmaTek Multi-tool Prototype Salvage. You have a enough damage at the beginning of the match to put General Skywalker on his knees early. Additionally, while any light side ally is still alive, he cannot be defeated or fall below 1% health. 10 comments. 0. General Health 25278 Protection 35497 Speed 118 Potency 25% Tenacity 35% Critical Damage 150% Defense Penetration 0% Gear 12. General Kenobi, Cody & Clone Sergeant – Phase I . leave them below. Subs: Captain Han Solo, Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben), General Kenobi, Grand Admiral Thrawn Specific Strategy: Must match Gear and Relics for this to work. 78% Upvoted. Droiddekka should be next. Master Obi-Wan Kenobi transforms (removes his cloak and enters a Soresu ready stance) for the rest of the battle. ... SWGOH.GG; Characters; General Kenobi; Stat Table; General Kenobi. Everyone I had at G13, of course. The secret is the hollowed out area in. Mk 1 Capacitor. Ahsoka Tano - Relic ? General Kenobi. 2 Mk 8 Nubian Security Scanner. Dar_Penthar. 965 posts Member. General Kenobi Lead Synergy: Clone Trooper • Jedi Synergy: Protection Up. I had a quick look around but wasn't able to find anything. Mk 2 Pulse Modulator. Ahsoka Tano.
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